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Landscape Maintenance
LandWorks delivers complete landscape maintenance services. Our personnel are highly trained professionals who go the extra distance to deliver the finest details. Employee dedication combined with the finest equipment offered in the industry allows LandWorks small company service attitude to be successful even on the largest projects. We even provide you with a monthly landscape report to let you know exactly what was done.


Landscape Design and Renovation (Texas LA 1790)
Do you have an area on your project that just doesn't deliver what you want? LandWorks Landscape Architects can provide you with design ideas to solve the most challenging situations. Proven installation techniques using top quality materials insures the finest installations.


Seasonal Color
Looking for something different? We can help! By using bed designs and sketches LandWorks has a seasonal color program for you. No experimentation here, we know what works and what doesn't. All good things start with a good base and seasonal color is no different. That's why we till in organic amendments and fertilizer at every color change so it's right the first time. No one does it better! LandWorks is a certified Nursery Floral Class 1 Certification (#0502767).


Tree Care
Trees are the most expensive asset on a site, so trust them to a company that treats them like valuable assets. LandWorks trained personnel have seen it all and we spend time being proactive so we can identify potential problems before they become problems. Existing trees or new installs, we can help you manage them to keep them trouble free.


Turf Revitalization
Turf is generally the greatest amount of material on any site. Poor looking turf distracts from other landscape elements, therefore, not getting the impact they should. Turf management starts with good maintenance practices and is backed by timely chemical management. The best weed control is strong actively growing turf so we start with the best fertilizer available. Our nutralene and nitroform blend fertilizers are not cheap, but they are environmentally sensitive and provide long green periods without radical growth spurts. While other companies struggled this summer with turf consistency, our projects continued to improve.


Irrigation Management (Lic #L10010801)
Irrigation may be the single most important element to successful landscape management. LandWorks realizes this so we dedicate a large amount of time and resources to this function. We constantly monitor and adjust irrigation systems to ensure the are functioning at 100%. Our irrigation inspections are the most detailed in the industry. We prove that with irrigation reports that detail findings zone by zone.


Professional Pesticide Applicator (Lic #2096752)


Certified Nursery Floral Class 1 (Cert #L0502767)


Certified Texas Landscape Architect

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